Learning Tube: Monuments of the World!

New Generation Educational Board Game

The game Monuments of the World is one of the games of the Learning  Tube series that consists of a collection of 63 monuments from all over the world and their illustrations.

Goal of the game is that players  become familiar and learn some of the most important monuments of the world, that grip everyone with their appearance (presence) and stand as important landmarks for their countries, as they attract millions of visitors every year.

The board game –Monuments of the world-can be played by 2 or more players and it is suggested by the age of 3+.

  • The game play is simple and understandable, helping (enabling) this way the participation and common interest while participating for all.
  • Younger players can memorize the monuments very easily with the guidance of the older that help in learning them.
  • Older players, gain further information for each country and at the same time they have access to the online version of the game that is played through smartphone and tablet.

It is suggested that the packaging as well as the printed manual is kept for future reference.

- 63 cards with monuments
- 1 cube that contains the QR code for access to the online platform where the game continues on Internet through smartphone and tablet, using a data base that is renewed constantly with the new cards/questions.
- Game Play Manual



Hand Made!

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